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Spring 2019 Challenge

   District Activity Challenge

          January 14th through February 24th 

Register anytime during the Challenge to participate                    

Congratulations Carondelet Leadership Academy 
Winner of the Fall 2018 Challenge and the winged Foot Trophy!!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners:

Janel Mathison Wentzville  $100 Fleet Feet Gift Card
Heather Hieke Hazelwood  $50 Visa Gift Card
Lisa Antrobus Bayless  74.2 $25 Visa Gift Card

Week 6 Final Standings

district total_miles participants average
Carondelet Leadership Academy 2266.08 15 151.07
Strain-Japan  826.12 6 137.69
Crystal City  1179.33 9 131.04
Hancock  1557.42 12 129.79
Jennings  2175.83 17 127.99
Brentwood  883.17 8 110.4
Meramec Valley R-3  3694.46 34 108.66
Riverview Gardens  3156.79 32 98.65
Union R-XI  5633.8 58 97.13
Wright City  2086.41 23 90.71
Bayless  1669.48 19 87.87
Spring Bluff  611.75 7 87.39
Wentzville  12308.67 159 77.41
Affton 1284.15 17 75.54
Maplewood  1091.26 15 72.75
Ritenour  2577.99 37 69.66
Webster Groves  1440.75 24 60.03
Silex  1161.64 21 55.32
Hazelwood  6658.16 122 54.56
Lift for Life Academy 247.75 5 49.55
Windsor  697.79 18 38.77
EdPlus 99.73 4 24.93
Lafayette Prep Academy 69.95 3 23.32
Franklin Co.  74.93 4 18.73
Warren Co.  262.55 25 10.5

Winner Gallery

Andrea Lesniewski        Christina Been              Joleen Guerrini                               Lisa Strauther                                Christine Williams

Lara Hodnett                Cindy Neu                    Sergio Esparga              Angie Garcia               Lindsey Doolittle    Connie manzo          Daisey Skelley

William Garrett     Mandi Sullivan    Kathy Dalaquil                                                       


Here’s How It Works: 

The district with the most activity miles (averaged) logged at the end of this 6 week Challenge, from January 14th through February 24th wins possession of the traveling Winged Foot Trophy along with bragging rights!

  • Total miles are based on the average of all district participants each week during the 6 week Challenge, this allows smaller districts to compete with the larger districts.  Note: each district's miles are calculated using a minimum of 5% of district member population.  If 5% are not registered, weekly miles will be calculated using the number that equals 5%.

  • Each week a drawing will be conducted for participants that log their activity to win 1 of 3: FitBit Flex 2’s, Oster Smoothie Makers, Electronic Jump Ropes, or Frog Togs, AND 1 of 10 Pairs of Running Socks! 

Here's How To Win:

Everyone has an opportunity to be eligible for one of the Grand Prize drawings!  At the end of the 6 weeks, individuals in each participation level who have logged the following activity miles qualify for the drawing:

Beginners:             Log activity miles equivalent to walking (110 miles),

Intermediate:       Log activity miles equivalent to walking (170 miles),

Advanced:          Log activity miles equivalent to walking (250 miles).

Note: Participants cannot drop to a lower activity level if you have participated in a higher level in any past Challenges.

Who Can Participate:

All district employees are eligible to participate and log your activity.  However, you must be enrolled in the school’s medical plan to be eligible for prizes.

How To Participate:

Register at: trustwellnessactivitychallenge.com  Click on “Register” if you have not participated in the past, or “Sign In” if you have. NOTE: You can register to participate at any time during the Challenge and still be eligible for prizes.


By registering to participate in the TrustWellness District Activity Challenge you agree to allow the CSD Insurance Trust’s TrustWellness Program to photograph, videotape, and use your name, and to use such media for any and all purposes including advertising, print publications, public relations displays, posters, and promotional displays in public venues.  There is no financial compensation for the use of the media.  It is understood that this consent remains valid until I withdraw my consent in writing and I hereby release The CSD Insurance Trust from any and all claims that may arise out of the use of such media.  See our TrustWellness Program Notice at csdinsurancetrust.com.